• Brandon Ramsey


Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Great things are ahead for us in 2020. As long as you position yourself now, you will be ready to make use of opportunities as they present themselves. Understanding that concept will take you far beyond your wildest dreams and make you more successful than you had ever thought possible. Opportunities come and go, but there is nothing worse than watching an opportunity pass you and not being able to do anything about it.

When our financial foundation isn't solid, it sometimes makes it difficult to see beyond our current situation and we miss opportunities that could have been game changers for us.  We stretch ourselves our funds out hoping to capitalize on every opportunity because it sounds good, or we don't go after them at all (even worse) we just spend our money on ego builders instead of account builders. 

In 2020 BE DIFFERENT! Look at last year's good and bad in every aspect of your life 

1. Work life

2. Relationships

3. Health 

4. Finances

5. Spiritual

6. Knowledge

Then write out your goal for the year in each area. Next, write out the plan to achieve each goal in monthly, weekly, and daily increments to keep you on track.


Your life should lived by your DESIGN, not DEFAULT.

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